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6/13/2016 - First day at Lucasfilm / Industrial Light and Magic working in their Advanced Development Group on AR/VR experiences! Plus technically I work for Disney now!

5/20/2016 - My last day at Microsoft... I ended by giving a lecture and demo of my work on holographic interfaces for medical imaging data, almost exactly 10 years after first joining the company.

1/28/2016 - Started Interval Math an interactive website with interval-arithmetic based fields, graphing and calculation interfaces.

11/11/2015 - Wrote about my Energy Work Experiences learning how to sense and manipulate the bio-electro-magnetic fields around the body.

11/2/2015 - Posted Lewey's Energy Work References, a collection of references and recommended reading from my journey into magnetic awareness by a visual technologist.

5/26/2015 - Joined the HoloLens Devices and Developer Enablement Showcases team!

5/5/2015 - Volumetric Hand Poses video showing in-air scrolling and zooming mechanics.

3/28/2015 - Posted a number of my Kinect Developer Videos and articles.

1/21/2015 - The Microsoft HoloLens is announced! I had worked on the early pre-production prototypes doing interactions for contextual communication and data interaction.

1/25/2015 - In 2011 I wrote some Kinect Augmentation Principals and Practices for our gameplay and animation teams at Microsoft Studios, that summarizes many good practices for kinesthetic computer interaction.

1/10/2015 - Posted PeterG's Philosophy in Five Easy Pieces, an essential synopsis of philosophy written by my father.

3/27/2014 - Joined the Microsoft Office team to work on 3D data visualization as the graphics lead on Power Map for Excel.

1/21/2014 - Returned from Microsoft Research Cambridge where I was doing research on NUI and volumetric data interfaces.

12/30/2013 - Wrote an Interactive History of Programming that uses in-browser programming challenges to teach the history of computing.

11/22/2013 - Xbox One with the Kinect 2.0 launches, including Zoo Tycoon for which I integrated the new gesture and voice systems.

10/13/2013 : Moved whole web site to lewcid.com/lg/, started the cubic indices for the site, and updated the about me page.

2/9/2013 : Updated my profile picture and personal ad (4/30/2013).

3/16/2013 : Posted The Nomadic Leaf short prose.

1/9/2013 : Today I became a US Citizen, it took 17 years, but was worth it!

12/6/2012 : Initial Sculpture Page of pieces created at the Gage Academy of Art. Most recent was Amanda, available in a picture browser.

4/3/2012 : Kinect Star Wars launched! I was the primary Kinect engineer on this title from the Microsoft side; having worked on it from the earliest demos and planning to the final Jedi augmentation systems during the three years from it's conception to release.

1/1/2012 : Updated my Resume (although it seems this may not have been neccasary).

12/30/2011 : Wrote 'The Comet' a sketch of a science-fiction story filled with ideas and holograms.

11/15/2011 : Kinect Disneyland Adventures Ships! I worked on a number of the core systems and augmentation for this amazing title, mostly getting that huge park to fit on that tiny disc and actually stay stable (notice how the park smoothly streams as you walk through it, how the hand controls smoothly switch between hands, and how the avateering tries to be as animaterly as we could with the time available, plus definitly check out Space Mountain). Now back to work on Kinect Star Wars, which is going to be quite a trip.

11/4/2010 : Kinect Ships! I was deeply involved in the development of this project from the early years, am in the special thanks for Kinect Adventures, and wrote/tuned numerous systems (such as the menu hand controls, RC car controls, and others) for Kinectimals. Currently I'm working in the Microsoft Game Studios NUI Publishing group on a number of upcoming Kinect titles that will deliver an even more powerful experience.

1/28/2009:Present : Moved to the Project Natal first-party publishing team within Microsoft Game Studios; working on game-play prototypes, full body gesture recognition, control schemes, camera systems, etc. to ensure that Natal based games are truly revolutionary.

10/2008 : Joined the Microsoft Game Studios Creative and Technical Services team, working on graphics, performance and other publishing topics for first party titles such as Alan Wake.

10/2007 : Working on PIX (a graphics debugging package included with DirectX in the Windows and Xbox SDKs), and related performance tools.

7/2007 : Joined the code analysis team for XNA, utilizing static code analysis to detect bugs before they happen (now available in the XDK!), and doing run-time performance optimizations on games such as Viva Piñata for Windows... which has good graphics... and... piñatas.

5/2007 : Forza Motorsport 2 Ships on Xbox 360 [screens/videos]! I worked on this game for about a year in total, mostly doing environment rendering, art-tools and performance. Favorite race: Free Run on Maple Valley in the Ferrari 330 P4 (S Class).

11/2006 : Windows Vista Ships! I was lucky enough to intern on the Windows Presentation Foundation used in Vista back in 2004 before it became a subsystem of .Net 3.0 and eventually Silverlight.

9/4/2006 : Posted the alpha release of Evil Dice 2 a fast paced puzzle game with multiple modes.

8/2006 : Final exam at the Unviersity of Florida on Friday, graduation ceremony on Saturday, flight to Redmond and renting apartment on Sunday, Microsoft New Employee Orientation on Monday. Tuesday, joined Microsoft Game Studios working on the game/graphics technology used in Forza 2 and numerous Rare titles.

5/2005 : Left HyperCube, where I was working on HyperChem (scientific chemistry software for modeling/simulation of atoms up to proteins in 3d; a world leader in the pharmaucital and chemistry industries)[screenshots] for an internship at Microsoft and then to focus on studies at the University of Florida.

4/15/2008 - "By masterfully applying Fine Art solutions to challenging surfaces, I'm proud to be known for setting new standards and criteria for murals as a serious art form. I love creating intriguing perspectives that guarantee fascinating trompe l'oeil experiences - convincing 3-dimensional illusions that constantly invite closer scrutiny, tricking the eye, challenging the senses and causing viewers to really have to THINK." - Peter Geselowitz, my father, and co-owner along with my mother of 3D2D Murals in Las Vegas, one of the top mural companies in the world.

6/20/2006 - Posted Affinity, a small tool which makes System Shock 2 stable on multi-CPU systems.

2/2/2006 - Quake 2 AbSIRD was posted on digg.com yesterday, and got a rediculous number of hits from it. This resulted in some new stuff being added to the page namely the Mac OS X port of Quake 2 AbSIRD and the inverted SIRDS version for Windows (for people who see SIRDS in an inverted way).

9/14/2005 - Michael Jepson sent in the very cool Linux port of Quake 2 AbSIRD. I don't have a Linux machine so I havn't tried it, but it should be just as fun.

8/24/2005 - Recently returned from an internship with the Microsoft Game Studios Tools and Technology group where I was working on the shader development pipeline and framework for an Xbox 360 title. Amazingly cool to work with that technology and those people (not only did I get to talk to tons of people from Microsoft but also chatted with people from Rare, Bungie, Id Software, Big Huge Games, Midway, etc.).

1/3/2005 - Finally released my work on Branching, which allows you to write animated code as easily as standard non-animate code.

12/1/2004 - WOOOOOO HAAAAAAA! I just got accepted for an internship with the Microsoft Game Studios for Xbox! I'll be going there in the summer of 2005.

10/4/2004 - Updated the About Me page, and my resume.

8/31/2004 - For reasons few shall ever understand, here is a link to Richard Bermudez's BlackBox app.

8/2/2004 - New look for the website, thanks in a large part to Richard Bermudez.

7/13/2004 - Shuzzle gets onto the front page of GameDev.net and Slashdot Games.

7/11/2004 - goto - Posted Shuzzle - The Shadow Puzzle a cool 3d block building puzzle game that centers around mentally understanding the shapes

7/10/2004 - Posted jAbSIRD which lets you make Java applets which do SIRDS in realtime. There is AbSIRDlet a SIRDS drawing tool, and SPonglet a little SIRDS based Pong game. Both run right in your browser.

7/10/2004 - Finally ran out of room on my old plaza site, so I've moved it all over to leweyg.com!

7/5/2004 - Sweet! I just hit the 50000 mark on my hit counter! The counter is set to only count individual IPs too, not just page hits. Anyway, it was 50005 this morning at 9:51 AM! The ticker was put in on 9/12/2003.

7/3/2004 - goto - Now you can generate a Freed Go board from any OFF 3d model. How rediculous is that?

6/23/2004 - Now accepting donations to show appreciation for this site.

6/23/2004 - Freed Go updates to 1.1 now you can play over a network, create your own boards, and a enjoy a few other enhancements.

6/19/2004 - Freed Go made it onto the front page of SlashDot Games! Sweet! It's the second time I've achieved that, and they guys over at SlashDot even remember, how cool is that!

6/18/2004 - goto - Posted Freed Go and Freed Invasion, the first two games in The Freed Series.

5/28/2004 - Somebody spotted a small bug in Pocket AniEd, so a new version without the bug has been posted. Enjoy.

5/25/2004 - goto - Posted Pocket AniEd a Pocket PC rapid animation editor. Lets you create animations exceedingly quickly and will little effort. It is roughly based on Ink AniEd for the Tablet PC.

5/19/2004 - goto - James Poag's VSaber mesh utilities appeared on the front page of GameDev.net!

5/18/2004 - goto - Posted some links to James Poag's VSaber mesh utilities ( <-- three different links). Which allow you to create 3d meshes from VSaber models.

5/17/2004 - goto - Posted the GLUT version of the VSaber Beta. About the same as the others, but with OpenGL accelerated graphics and the interface isn't nearly as nice.

5/10/2004 - goto - Ink AniEd updates to version 1.2 now with the ability to export as SVG animations. Very cool stuff which will hopefully set the tablet on the trail as being the platform of choice for graphic designers, see some SVG action here.

5/10/2004 - goto - Loren of Tablet PC Post was kind enough to make up a little animation of Lazy Ink in action

5/9/2004 - goto - Posted Lazy Ink which is just a little graphics trick you can do with the tablet SDK. You might find it amusing

5/9/2004 - goto - Unposted PaperWork and officially abandoned it. Most of the stuff on this site is done and left that way, but that one wasn't. Such a shame. Read more here.

4/4/2003 - goto - Johan Forsl�f sent in a REALLY cool equation for ImpView, trust me you'll like this.

4/3/2003 - Seems Quake II AbSIRD can also been used on the free demo of Quake II

4/2/2003 - I got on SlashDot! Yeah! It's regarding Quake II AbSIRD, the article is here

4/1/2003 - goto - Quake II AbSIRD featured on the front page of GameDev.net and PlanetQuake.com

3/31/2004 - goto - Posted Quake II AbSIRD, lets you play the full game in SIRDS! Use the skills you learnt from Magic-Eye books to save humanity in one of the greatest FPSs ever.

3/31/2004 - Just got back from Microsoft. Suffice to say Windows Longhorn is going to be something spectacular. Indigo and WinFS are great, but Avalon is really going to shake things up, can't wait to see them in action. Also, just for the records, working at Microsoft is even better than you've heard.

12/11/2003 - goto - Just posted QuickCapture, which I use alot to copy screenshots from Journal for use in documents and such (makes for a quick and easy way to add Ink drawing in WordPad). Basically lets you crop images in the clip-board and/or save them to file quickly and easily. Includes the C# source code.

12/11/2003 - goto - Posted some screens of QuickConvert at work, has really saved me alot of time

11/17/2003 - WOOOOOO HAAAAAAA! I just heard that my interview with Microsoft went very well and it seems I'll be interning very soon as a Software Design Engineer (i.e. programmer) on the 'Avalon' team (Avalon is the code name for the new user interface framework for the upcoming revolutionary version of Windows code named 'Longhorn'). While I was accepted for both the Avalon and Tablet PC team, I just couldn't pass up this opportunity to help shape and be a part of the future of Windows.

11/12/2003 - goto - Thanks to Chris Clark for spotting that the 3 and 5 where in the wrong places in Evil Dice PE, the problem has now been fixed

11/11/2003 - goto - Quick Convert posted, this is a nice little C# app which converts bitmaps to jpegs, and makes thumbnails of them at the same time, just drop as many files as you like over the app to have it work it's magic.

11/10/2003 - goto - VSaber Beta is finally out! Check out this program, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

11/6/2003 - goto - Thanks to Chris Clark for the MIPS Pocket PC 2000 version of Evil Dice PE which is now available. I recomend taking some time to check out his dialDTMF project which uses your Pocket's speaker to dial numbers from your address book (very cool I thought).

11/6/2003 - goto - Evil Dice PE seems to be a big hit, raking in many hits per day! Anyway, just for fun I ported Evil Dice PE to OS X.

11/1/2003 - goto - Evil Dice for Pocket PC! Finally I have my addiction right in my pocket! If you're a fan of the the PlayStation's Devil Dice, my Evil Dice, or own a Pocket PC and would like an amazing puzzle game, check out Evil Dice PE.

10/23/2003 - goto - Posted Easy JS, a web-based JavaScript editor, basically lets you code quick functions right from any browser without all the hassles of IDEs and compiling and so forth. Also includes a fairly powerful equation evalutor. Definatly check this out as it may save you alot of time in the future

10/4/2003 - goto - My solution to the tablet versus laptop question. A device you attach to your arm which puts the pen in your hand quickly when you need it while typing on the keyboard. Very cool idea, but a little crazy.

9/26/2003 - goto - Made a small update to Imp View after I spent a couple hours making up cool implicit equations. I honestly never thought I'd get hooked on a graphing system like I do a good puzzle game! Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

9/23/2003 - goto - Posted Imp View, an implicit 3D function visualizer using the VSaber engine. Looks REALLY cool!

9/23/2003 - goto - Finally posted some pics of the VSaber demo

9/22/2003 - goto - Paper Work has an updated screen-shot which can be seen here

9/17/2003 - goto - I posted my resume, just in case anyone is interested. Word version and such can be found in the about me section.

9/12/2003 - goto - Ink AniEd updated to version 1.1. With a bunch of really cool features!

9/12/2003 - goto - I'm looking for help with project codename 'Paper Work' (a new kind of animation editor). Screen shot now available.

9/12/2003 - I'm trying out the page counter to se how it works, this should be interesting.

8/27/2003 - goto - Added the check marks next to the amount of Ink used in Low Ink Pictionary, as Tabula PC guy recomended

8/27/2003 - goto - Something cool, I got mentioned at Tabula PC (a great site for Tablet PC news). He said some great things about my apps, good man.

8/25/2003 - goto - Posted far more interesting version of Low Ink Pictionary, and also it's source code

8/24/2003 - goto - New Downloads/SiteExplorer section, much better, check it out

8/24/2003 - goto - Put up a screen shot of CheapSite at work, looks good under OS X.

8/24/2003 - goto - I just updated the AbSIRD homepage, so that it's buildt over CheapSite (instead of just included into it). Looks much better now, plus added links to all my SIRD projects online

8/23/2003 - WOOOHAAA! The new Tablet has arrived!

8/22/2003 - goto - Posted Low Ink Pictionary, where you can only draw with a limited amount of ink. Makes Pictionary far more fun!

8/22/2003 - goto - Decided that Tablets deserve their own section of my site, check it out. Ironically, today is also when I've moved my whole website development system to Mac OS X, interesting eh?

8/19/2003 - goto - Posted my first Mac OS X app! It's the gcc build of CheapSite, woohoo!

8/3/2003 - goto - Posted Gox, a Java applet which lets you play Go with 6 neighbors instead of the usual 4, it's quite interesting.

8/3/2003 - goto - I just posted CheapSite, which is what I use to make this site. It's pretty crappy, but I needed to get it while not at home, so here it is.

7/31/2003 - WOOOOOOO HAAAAAA!!!! Ink AniEd won the Grand Prize (a free TabletPC) from Tablet PC Developer.com!

7/30/2003 - goto - Posted LewCheck, an alternative to Visual Check Pro, which I used in my programming class

7/30/2003 - goto - Finally posted the new version of AlarmClock which shows the time until the alarm will go off

7/23/2003 - goto - I just posted my small collection of UNIX-type apps which make the Windows Command Prompt feel more like a UNIX terminal (things like ls, cat, rm etc.)

7/10/2003 - Although this site isn't too old, I've decided to put in a news section, so the news seems to only start now, but really news started a long time ago.

7/10/2003 - goto - Ink AniEd meantioned at tabletpcbuzz.com, seems to be quite popular with some people

7/10/2003 - goto - Added two of my favorite peg games to the PocketPC page