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Pocket PC Programs

This page has a couple programs which I wrote for the Pocket PC. Anyway, they are all compiled for the 32 bit ARM processor and run great on my Compaq iPaq 3950 (Evil Dice PE also have a MIPS build). They are written with Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++, using the Win32 API for Windows CE 3 (again, except for the MIPS Evil Dice PE). They do make owning a PocketPC more interesting, at least for me they do.

INSTALLING: to 'install' these apps, simply copy them to your Pocket PC (which you can access from 'My Computer' / 'Mobile Device') and then run them!

If you appreciate these applications, a small donation to support me writing more interesting apps like them (and not get a job writing accounting software) would be greatly appreciated.

Pocket AniEd

Pocket AniEd allows anybody to quickly and easily make beautiful and smooth animations without a background in computer animation or any unnecessary complexity. Written in C# using the .Net Compact Framework.


This program lets you 'Paint Height' by converting each of your strokes into a 3D object using the SIRDS or 'Magic-Eye' technique like you've seen on those famous posters, all in real-time! As you draw you see your shapes come to full 3D life right in front of your eyes! There is also a demo of the same engine animating a bunch of balls bouncing around a 3D cube.

Evil Dice Pocket PC Edition

ARM and MIPS Versions!
Evil Dice PE is an amazing puzzle game similar to Devil Dice for the PlayStation (which was considered by many major game critics to be quite possibly the greatest puzzle game ever, even eclipsing Tetris). It has a few simple rules: try and match up similar dice by rolling and pushing them around, scoring points as you do. Although this may seem simple, it leads to intense mind-busting lightning fast puzzle action like you've never experienced before. It is a great game which I have you doubt you will quickly become addicted to. The OpenGL accelerated version of Evil Dice can be found here (not for Pocket PC).

Full Pegs

Screen Shot
This is the great puzzler that is almost impossible to solve and has many heavy thinking spending quite a bit of time behind it. Basically you just have to jump one peg over another into an empty spot, removing the peg you jumped over. The goal is to end up with only one peg left. Enjoy!


Screen Shot
This game is commonly knows as the 'Cracker Barrel Game' and is the much easier little brother of 'Big Pegs'. The rules are the same, jump one peg over another into an empty spot removing the peg you jumped over, but it's in a triangle shape, which makes it quite fun.


Screen Shot
This is a simple Go board. If you don't know what Go is, check out The Interactive Way To Go. Basically you get most of the standard features you'd expect from a Go board. It lets you may on a 9x9 or a 19x19, and as of now doesn't include an AI, but I still against myself alot for practise.


Screen Shot
This is a simple Mine Sweeper clone, which I wrote because I was just so shocked that MS didn't include it. I mean this thing has solitaire for god sake! Why not Mind Sweeper? So anyway, I feel this completes the Windows experience. Draw from another square into a square to 'mark' it.


Quite to my disapointment about my Pocket PC is that it didn't include a scientific calculator. So I wrote up this quick little job, which should do whats needed in most cases. I'm working on a symbolic calc now, give me a yell if you want to try the beta.


Screen Shot
A truely great game, sort of like Go's younger and still interesting but not quite that great cousin. NOTE: I had no involvement in writing this, this is merely me telling you how you can get this cool game. To get it, download the Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ package, make sure to install the samples, and you'll find it under the Win32 samples section. Or just ask me for it because I don't think I'm allowed to post it here.

Other Projects

These are other Pocket PC projects that I've lent a hand in.

Color Invasion - A fun little strategy game for when you are stuck waiting somewhere. It was written by James Poag and I just basically helped him build it and get it going on the Pocket PC (helping with testing and whatnot). Uses the .Net Compact Framework.

Black Box for Pocket PC - One of my all-time favorite puzzle games, and killer of a fair portion of my life spent playing it. I helped Richard Bermudez with this one, showing him how to use the .Net Compact Framework.