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Evil Dice

The Ultimate 3D Puzzle Game Now for PC!
Evil Dice is an amazing puzzle game similar to Devil Dice for the PlayStation (which was considered by many major game critics to be quite possibly the greatest puzzle game ever, even eclipsing Tetris). It has a few simple rules: try and match up similar dice by rolling and pushing them around, scoring points as you do. Although this may seem simple, it leads to intense mind-busting lightning fast puzzle action like you've never experienced before. It is a great game which I have you doubt you will quickly become addicted to. How To Play.

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Play on Web

Dice Walker

Platform: Web(3D)
Requires: Moderatly modern browser
Note: Based on Evil Dice 2.0
Usage: On mobile click 'OK' to play

Download It!


Platform: Windows 98 and above
Requires: A fair graphics card, nothing too fancy.
Usage: Unzip and Run!

Evil Dice PE for Pocket PC

Evil Dice PE - Pocket PC Edition - Now you can have Evil Dice anywhere you go, right in your Pocket! This great version of Evil Dice captures the fun and fast paced action of Evil Dice using isometric graphics to give superb performance on the Pocket PC while still looking great. Note that is a complete rewrite of the code, using only a few time settings from Evil Dice.

How To Play

The object of the game is to score as many points as you can in a 3 minute time-span. You do this by matching up die with the same number on top. The number of die you have to match up is equal to the number of the top of the die (so you have to match up 4 fours, 5 fives and so forth) (ones will be covered later). This matching is done by moving your character around on top of the die, if he is on top of a die, he will roll it in whatever direction you tell him, or move onto whatever die is there. If the die that your on sinks, you'll end up on the ground, where you can push die around (it's usually best to try to climb back onto a die that is rising if your stuck on the floor). Anyway, for a more COMPLETE GUIDE look there.