Evil Dice

Ogre Industrial

Last Guide Update: 7/9/2002 - 11:48 AM

Object of the game
The object of Evil Dice is to score as many points as possible in a 3 minute time period. You do this by moving like die together (die are considered the same if the number on top is the same). The number of like die you need to put together is given by the number of the die, so you need 3 dice with three showing to form a match (4 with four showing and so on).

Setting it up:
Just unzip EvilDice.zip into a folder, and run the program. Nothing to it. Now if the programs runs a little slow, (remember that almost everything in Evil Dice is animated so if it looks like the blocks just go from one spot to another and don't roll, your system is too slow), you want to try renaming DiceTexture_Low.bmp to DiceTexture.bmp (and renaming the original DiceTexture.bmp something else), both of these files are the "Data" folder. Now run the program and the resolution of the textures will be much lower and will probably improve performance.

Full Rules:
  • The game works on a 3 minute time limit, the object being to score the most points before the time is up. The current time can be seen in the title bar of the game window.
  • In the game you control a little cursor, which can be either on a die or on the ground. When on a die you can roll the die around by going in any direction where there isn't another die. If there is a die there, you will simply move onto it. If you are on the ground, you may move between die, and if only one die is in a direction you can push it. You can get from the ground back up onto a die by moving onto a die that is raising from the ground (which happens at random locations at different times). If your on a die that is sinking (i.e. you made a match) can stay on it and eventually land up on the ground.
  • The number of points you score equals the number of dice you match, times the number on the dice, times the number of chains (each time you add a die to an already sinking set, that is another chain). For example matching up 5 threes earns you 15 points (5 x 3 = 15). If you now add another three, that is 6 threes in your second chain, so you score 36 points (6 x 3 x 2 = 36). Ones are an exception, if you place a one next to a block which is dropping (having been matched) then all the ones on the board will drop earning a number of points equal to the number of ones on the board.
  • When you form a match, the blocks slowly drop into the ground, you may still match additional blocks next to these ones as they are going down. These lowering die (as with raising die) can be used as step ladders to go up from the ground or down to the ground.

  • Controls:
    Use the arrow keys to move around,
    N for a new game,
    P for pause,
    V to switch between multiple views,
    Esc to quit,
    F displays the current FPS (frames per second) in the title bar (only shows that one fps, doesn't keep updating), and
    A for about.

    Holding down in a direction will keep you going in that direction, no need to tap the button (note I added this feature 7/11/2002).
    The program also allows for the use of a joystick, which works the same way as a joypad (which I recomend as a great interface to this game). The control directions are exactly the same as the key board, and button 1 creates a new game (so you don't have to restart the program at the end of your time), and button 2 changes your view.

    Current Die Display:
    You will notice in the lower right hand corner of the screen a die is just there, not on the board just floating there. This is a representation of the die you are currently standing on, so that if it is in a bunch of dice, you can still see which sides are showing. This little things comes in handy, use it well.

    Evil Dice also includes a few different views, there is the standard Devil Dice type view, another one at a better angle to expain the controls, and a top down view. The top down view can be fun because you have to remember which way your dice are facing and this adds a whole another aspect to the game. This makes for a VERY different and quite fun game.

    Hints (neccasary):
  • One of the most important moves you will soon learn is moving a block one place in any direction and staying the same side up. This is a simple rule you would probably have learned by your self but it gives you an idea of how to play. Simply move the cube (while standing on top of it) in a small box shape, ending up on the block next to you (so for instance to move one block south, go east, then south, then west) you'll find yourself one block to the south, but with the same side showing. You'll be using this a lot.
  • Now one of the hardest concepts to remember, ALL DICE ARE EQUAL!!! What I mean by this is that you'll often see a 6 laying somewhere, and you'll go and get it and manuever it around a bunch of other die and shift things around and do a lot of work to get it some where, But the thing is, any one of those blocks you moved out the way, was also a six, you just had to move it a little to show that. This is a tough concept to apply in practise, but it is a vital skill.
  • The only true way to rack up the real points is to make numerous matches on sinking die. For instance lets say you've got 6 fives really to go, now if you join them all, you get 30 points (6 x 5). Where as, if you joined only 5, and then added the other 5 you get 25 points (5 x 5) for the first set, and then 30 points (6 x 5) for the second set giving you a total of 55 points. It does mean a little faster movement, but it can easily be done and is the key to this game.
  • Becareful of twos, they are everywhere, and can easily mess up a large combo of sixes you are working on. So always keep an eye out for two that are just standing around, moving blocks around such little traps can be dangerous.
  • And finally, although they are tempting and I havn't done any real research yet, I highly recomend you work almost excusivly with sixes. I'm just found that all my highest scores where from when I only went after sixes.

  • Historical Note:
    Evil Dice is a puzzle game in the spirit of Devil Dice which I consider one of, if not the, greatest puzzle game ever. It is a masterful mix of strategy, quick thinking, timing, and is perfectly balanced. I highly recomend this great game to anyone who owns a PlayStation, however if you don't own a PlayStation please check out my little Devil Dice like game, Evil Dice (for PCs with Windows 95 or later). While it hopefully retains most of the qualities of Devil Dice, it can never quite match the balanced perfection of that amazing game. Plus Devil Dice includes many modes such as two player battle and a HUGE puzzle section. Evil Dice (currently and most probably for ever) only has the time trial mode.

    Developed by Ogre Industrial
    Written by Lewey Geselowitz (lewey@ufl.edu)

    Hold down the C key to move from block to block regardless of current height and without moving the blocks. Press 2 to disable twos from matching (they just always irritated me). Hold down T to slow down time.