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Evil Dice 2

Play on Web

Dice Walker

Platform: Web(3D)
Requires: Moderatly modern browser
Note: Based on Evil Dice 2.0
Usage: On mobile click 'OK' to play

Download and Install

Web Version: Dice Walker

Pre-Alpha Windows App: EvilDice2.zip (0.7.9c)

INSTALL_THESE_FIRST: After extracting EvilDice2.zip, go to the Install_these_first folder, install the font and run DXSETUP.exe for the drop of DirectX for August 2005 which is included. (Microsoft SDK for 3D).

IF IT DOESN'T WORK: Either contact me (LeweyG@microsoft.com), or try Evil Dice 1.0, it is much more stable... but not as cool.

Evil Dice (1.0)

For Windows Pro
For Pocket PC
For Mac OS X


  • Version 0.7.9b (9/4/2006)
    • Added music with XML controllers there of.
  • Version 0.7.9 (9/4/2006)
    • Player stats (hold SPACE), camera effects, input bugs fixed, misc bugs.
  • Version 0.7.8 (8/19/2006)
    • Support for a no-audio mode added


  • Single Player
    • Time Trial Modes
      • Ancient Evil
      • Overwhelming Evil
      • Feed The Evil
      • Rush Of Evil
    • Tutorial
    • Dynamic Puzzles
      • Eradicate Evil
      • The Evil Number
      • Eternal Evil
    • Puzzle Campaigns! (prewritten puzzles)
      • Comes with 3 campaigns TODO
      • Downloadable campaigns
      • Puzzle Editor
        • Create your own puzzle campaigns
        • Easy to learn and use (integrated into game)
        • Post your campaigns online
  • Multiplayer
    • Game Modes
      • Ancient Evil
      • Lesser Of Two Evils
      • Battling For Evil
      • Clamoring For Evil
      • Overwhelming Evil
    • Local Multiplayer
      • Up to 6 people per computer
      • Support for 2 Joypad players in addition to 4 keyboard players
    • Select Board Sizes: 5, 7, 9, 11
    • Networked Multiplayer TODO
      • Connect through LAN, IP or LeweyG.com
      • Multiple players per computer (up to 6)
    • Team Configurations: Individual, Co-op, Choice (Choice is TODO)
  • Vs. Evil Dice (1)
    • Improved graphics with more effects
    • Improved user interface, menus, etc.
    • Obvious stuff: multiplayer, game modes, puzzle campaigns, puzzle editor, etc.


  • Lewey Geselowitz - Design and Development
  • Jean-Pierre Allers - 3D Modeling and Environments
  • James Mathew - Soundtrack and Music
  • Lissette Berlanga - Testing and Girlfriend