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Evil Dice PE - Pocket PC Edition

The Ultimate Puzzle Game Now for Pocket PC!
Evil Dice PE is an amazing puzzle game similar to Devil Dice for the PlayStation (which was considered by many major game critics to be quite possibly the greatest puzzle game ever, even better than Tetris). It has a few simple rules: try and match up similar dice by rolling and pushing them around, scoring points as you do. Although this may seem simple, it leads to intense mind-busting lightning fast puzzle action like you've never experienced before. It is a great game which I have you doubt you will quickly become addicted to. How To Play.

Try out Evil Dice PE for ARM Pocket PC, MIPS Pocket PC, Windows and Mac OS X as well as the full 3D version for Windows.

Evil Dice PE has been featured at PocketGamer and FreewarePPC.com.

Download It!

If you appreciate this application, a small donation to support me writing more interesting apps like it (and not get a job writing accounting software) would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE - 11/12/2003 - Swapped the 3 and 5 which were on the wrong sides of the die. Also added a little icon. Thanks to Chris Clark for spotting this error and making the little icon.


Platform: ARM Pocket PC (works great on my iPaq 3950)
Usage: Copy this .exe file to your Pocket and then run it!
Note: This is the FULL VERSION (not a demo like a lot of PPC software out there)


Platform: MIPS Pocket PC 2000 (tested on a Casio E125)
Usage: Copy this .exe file to your Pocket and then run it!
Note: This is the FULL VERSION (not a demo like a lot of PPC software out there)

Special thanks go to Chris Clark who compiled and tested the MIPS version. Also, if you have any phone numbers in your Pocket's address book, be sure to check out his dialDTMF which uses your Pockets speaker to dial the number into almost any land-line phone, very cool stuff and he is looking for testers and developers.

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Evil Dice 3D for PC

Evil Dice 3D for Windows - Try Evil Dice in it's full 3D animated glory (for Windows, not Pocket PC, requires a fair graphics card). NOTE: Although Evil Dice PE is very similar to this Evil Dice, it is a complete rewrite of the source sharing only in it's undying devotion to Devil Dice, and a few time settings).

Evil Dice PE for Mac OS X

Want to try out Evil Dice but don't have a PC or a Pocket PC? Well now you can play Evil Dice PE right on your Mac. The only problem is that this is a port of the Pocket PC version, so it has a pretty low resolution, however I will probably port the OpenGL version to Mac at some time, until then this is the only way to quench my thirst for Evil Dice while on a Mac.

Interesting note, this is the Mac port of a PC port of a Pocket PC game based on a PC game inspired by a PlayStation game. Not bad eh?


Platform: Mac OS X (10.2)
Requires: The SDL library which can download here.
SDL site currently down
Usage: Unzip and run!

Evil Dice PE for PC

Don't have a Pocket PC? Want to try out Evil Dice PE before you download it to your Pocket? Simply can't get enough Evil Dice? Then try out Evil Dice PE for Windows. This is essentially the exact same game as Evil Dice PE (~95% of the same code) but runs on your Windows desktop using SDL. I hope you enjoy it


Platform: Windows (uses SDL, included)
Usage: Unzip and Run!

How To Play

The object of the game is to score as many points as you can in a 3 minute time-span. You do this by matching up die with the same number on top. The number of die you have to match up is equal to the number of the top of the die (so you have to match up 4 fours, 5 fives and so forth) (ones will be covered later). This matching is done by moving your character around on top of the die, if he is on top of a die, he will roll it in whatever direction you tell him, or move onto whatever die is there. If the die that your on sinks, you'll end up on the ground, where you can push die around (it's usually best to try to climb back onto a die that is rising if your stuck on the floor). Anyway, for a more COMPLETE GUIDE look there (note that the guide is meant for the 3D PC version, but it pretty much holds for this version as well).

In the Pocket PC version, you can move your character by either using the direction buttons, or by drawing quick little strokes in the direction you'd like to go (North-East, South-East, South-West, North-West). Try both ways and see what suits you best.