The Spatial Software Artistry

of Lewey Geselowitz
Lewcid Systems

Lewcid Systems exists to produce spatial interfaces and software structures towards holistically alignable societies.


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Tesla team

Component owner for the Vehicle AutoPilot UI, and general Vehicle UI Core Framework.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D team

Worked on the MARS Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio components for this legendary game engine at their San Francisco offices.


Lucasfilm team

Created multiple innovative immersive experiences (Installation/VR/AR/Mobile-VR) from initial prototype to final production across Star Wars and other major partners such as VOID, Magic-Leap, Legendary and Google's Seurat team.



Co-Founder and Director of Spatial Standards, creating decentralized spatial contracting and economic platform.


HoloLens team

Part of the games and Windows Holographic teams for about 3 years working on: numerous first party published titles, core systems and interactions (patent for Holographic keyboard), and Showcase experiences (medical app used in real surgical operation, construction, car design, etc.)


Kinect team

Primary gesture programmer for the first-party NUI Publishing team (Kinectimals, Kinect Disneland, Kinect Star Wars) with deep involvement on the platform and other titles (received special thanks in Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Fable: The Journey, etc.)

Carne y Arena

Carne y Arena team

Oscar(tm) winning VR installation directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. I wrote the large-stage head-tracking, editorial tools, and numerous real-time effects.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 team

Worked on both first-party 360 titles (Alan Wake, Forza Motorsport 2, Rare's engine team), as well as on the XNA Platform's tools team (static and dynamic code analysis tools, etc.).

Windows Vista

Windows Vista team

First software job, working on the Media Integration Layer (WPF managed to native layer), wrote scene-graph capture and analysis tools that were used in the profiling lab for at least 4 years after the internship.


4D Process Modeling using Web/XR.


Developers of the HyperSpace Transaction Protocol (HSTP) for querying, hosting and transacting across decentralized spatial networks, forming a visual representation and language for the economy and the internet.

Director of Spatial Standards


self-funded blue-ocean initiatives

(still in stealth mode)

EVN image

Future of Economics

How a "Visual Social Network" of economic interactions could reframe our concept of currency; and provide an AR lens over the word, revealing the ecosystem behind economics.

San Francisco

Future of Information

How to visualize and interact with any software computation; letting us explore any algorithum from machine-learning, to privacy, to the "glass bead game" of software itself.

Biofield image

Future of Biofeedback

Yoga-inspired bio-feedback visual meditation using interactive fluid simulations of traditional chi practices. Uses VR to help people learn the subtle self-perception language of the body.


for numerous corporate and independent organizations in the areas of

AR/VR/MR/3D Design

Based on AAA experience with HoloLens, Kinect, Oculus, Vive, Magic Leap, VOID, DirectX, etc. Often before official hardware releases.

Real-time Systems

Based on deep experience with prototype hardware configurations, complex interaction via computer vision, GPU shading and compute, CPU optimization, Unreal, Unity, C languages, etc.

Medical / Biofeedback

Combinatin of deeply researched Yoga-inspired visual meditation techniques, real-time holographic interfaces for surgical environments, and molecular vision experience.


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contact information

San Francisco, California
Phone: (upon request)
Email: LeweyGeselowitz@gmail.com
Service Offerings:
- General Discussion (free)
- NDA-ed 1-day consultation / deep-dive
- Prototyping: sprints or on-site iteration
- Pre-Production: infrastructure, team roadmap, etc.
- Production: systems, performance, perticulars, etc.
- Fire Fighting: shipping, emergency delicate fixes, etc.

Numerous well intentioned efforts also assistanted without charge.