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Support Lewey's World!

The best reason to donate to Lewey�s World is just to show appreciation for one or more of the apps posted here. If you think something here is really cool, or if you spent a long time playing one of the games, or if for whatever reason you think it just deserves money, then I assure you any amount you give will be greatly appreciated! The other reason is to keep me from writing accounting software, as I reason below:

This website is devoted to creating new and interesting applications which extend current ideas and technologies into something innovative, intuitive and imagenertaining (meaning "with pretty pictures"). There are games with new and experimental interfaces while there are some that are just plain cool; I�ve got innovative editors working on all sorts of different mediums; and a bunch of other stuff that is hard to classify but fun to look at.

All of this software is free and handed out to anyone who happens to be passing by, which I believe, is the best way to get these new ideas out into the world. New and interesting ideas are the cornerstone of progress and I hope that Lewey�s World has done its small part in broadening people�s minds on what can be done with what we have, which seeming boundaries can be broken, and possibly pointing out a few borders should probably not have been broken.

The only problem with this great plan is that I�ve got to actually do it, and considering I do everything on this site, that is a lot of work. Apart from being a full time student I�ve got to live my life, do research, stay in shape, find a girl, enjoy the college life, and somehow find money for the bills. That is where your donations come in: If I get a job, then I won�t be able to do much on this website and the flow of interesting apps will become a trickle. Thus any money you give goes towards me not having to get a job and spending the time I would have spent on that job creating new and interesting content for Lewey�s World. Essentially this is the fund to prevent me from having to write accounting software (you saw Office Space; you know what that does to people).

Really this is an experiment. It is a test to see if I can support myself by doing my dream job of writing odd-ball apps. While I do enjoy working in an office on some big project (and have done so), the real joy of programming for me comes in realizing new ideas in code. So if you wish to help in my dream of expanding the knowledge of mankind, or if you are just a good person, then you will surely want to support Lewey�s World by making a donation and helping shape our world into a better place (or at least the same place but with better graphics).

Thanks for hearing me out.

How to give

The easiest way is to click on the PayPal link to the left. Otherwise whatever is convenient for you (checks, money-orders, "favors"). Feel free to contact me at lewey@lewcid.com if you have any questions or comments.