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Philosophy in five easy pieces
by Peter Geselowitz for Lewey Geselowitz in lieu of a completed essay


Constructing a functional instinct-replacing
process of thought


piece 1

The foundations of a thinking-structure starts with an overview of existence, looks at the essentials of what we know about the world, the axioms of existence, identity and consciousness.

piece 2

Develops truth-identifying theory & process, epistemology, to establish & prove how we know what we know. Sensations ' concepts ' to logic, reason & hence truth, extends the formulae for mental certainty.

piece 3

Which lays the groundwork for ethics ' deciding what we want (values) and need to do (virtues), the good which carves out our individuality & personality.

piece 4

Brings us to working out codes of conduct, the rules & standards for dealing with & relating to everyone else (politics), defining what's right, what's moral, just (leads to peace, love, cooperation' civilization if done right).

piece 5

Concretizing the above four, the esthetics, mirror to (or barometer), of how we're doing at life. The reward for personal success (or scolding), the facts that are important selected for our pleasure & contemplation.