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Quick Convert

This was a tiny little app I wrote to help me convert and format my screen shots. Basically, you select a bunch of .bmp files, drop them over QuickConvert, and it will not only make jpeg versions of them, but also scale them down (to a size you specify) and save the small .jpegs as a different file. For instance you drop MyPic.bmp over QuickConvert, and it will produce MyPic.jpeg and MyPic_small.jpeg. To adjust the settings and such which it uses to convert stuff, simply run the program without dropping a file onto it. Change your settings and close, the settings will automatically be saved.

I find this a handy little tool, and I hope you do too. It was written in about 20 minutes using C# which I think is another testament to how quickly you can write an effective application using this damn cool language.

I'll post the source if I get my requests for it, but I'm sure there is no need as there is nothing really special here, just convenience for lazy people like me.


Platform: .Net Framework
Usage: Run to change settings, drops files onto to convert

Time = 0 seconds

Time = 3 seconds