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Project Codename: Paper Work

The PaperWork project has, I'm sad to say, been ended as it was realised that a real animation editor is not made with a few cool UI concepts but is founded on long and arduous hours of adding features and additional tools. Basically it is a job best suited for teams and preferably professional teams, and quite frankly there already are many such groups out there creating great animation systems. This project ended up just really been an experiment or prototype for a real application and which I simply don't have the time to finish. I must say however that in it's initial stage it showed great progress and I think was a good core for a more complete animation system.

To those who are interested, PaperWork was to be an extension of the concepts founded in Ink AniEd, which was to represent all animations through a series of easy drawn 'strokes' the strokes would express how the shapes moved and transformed over time. This amounts to a key-frame animation system with a simple interface which was quite intuitive. If you would like what source code there is I still have it but I doubt anyone will have a use for it