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Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock is a very simple yet extremely useful little application, although it no why does anything complicated, it has come in handy for my use many times (which is why it�s here, so I can download it). Essentially all it does is you give it a time at which to go off (either a certain time or a time from when you set the alarm) and at that time the alarm goes off. The sound it makes is a sound like a T-Rex roaring when the alarm goes off, so I�m sure it can wake most people. There is also an option for it to keep roaring until you hit enter, space or whatever (this is useful if you easily sleep-in like I do). It also has a feature to execute another program with command line options when the alarm goes off, and also a stop watch which can be useful.

7/30/2003 - Finally posted the new version which shows how much longer until the alarm goes off


Platform: Windows