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Make Windows Command Prompt more like UNIX shell

This is a small collection of apps and batch files, which basicaly make the Windows 'Command Prompt' feel more like a UNIX shell. Essentially it just adds the following commands so that when you type them forgetting that your not in UNIX anymore you won't get an error: ls, cat, clear, cp, mv, mkdir, pico (opens Notepad), rm and rmdir. Not too much, but enough to make the transition managable.

Now ls is a pretty good remake (not just dir), but most of them are just batch files which map what you wrote to the correct Windows name for the same thing. For instance cp is mapped to copy, and while this may seem trivial, it has saved me alot of time. I hope you like them.

To 'install' them, put them in a folder which you know you won't ever move, now copy or write down that folder's name and follow these fairly simple instructions: right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop and select Properties from the shortcut menu. Select the Advanced tab and click the Environment Variables button. In the System Variables pane, select path from the list and click Edit. In the Edit System Variable dialog box, move the cursor to the end of the string in the Variable Value field and type a semicolon (;) followed by the full directory name I told you to copy or write down. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to write a script to do this and didn't look too hard, if anyone knows how please give me a yell. This description is adapted from this site.


Platform: Windows