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Lewey's Energy Work Experiences:

The First Joys of Learning Bio-Field Awareness

-Lewey Geselowitz, 11/2015


About two years ago I became aware that the hand can literally sense 'fields' within and around itself, both thermal and bio-magnetic. This began a long journey, crudely articled below as key moments, into learning how to 'palpate' (touch) the fields around gemstones, how this relates to acupressure massage and the bodies magnetic-pole 'chakras', how our ancestors practiced these techniques culminating into Yoga, and how software and mobile sensors could revolutionize the guided-meditations required to conceptualize, train and channel these biological energies, into what I believe will be the future of computer interaction. I'm certainly new to these matters, so a long list of significantly better resources is included in 'Referenced Topics and Text', but I hope you enjoy this early account of visual technologists' curious journey into 'Energy Work'.



Journals (as of 11/2015)



Key Learnings in Energy Work. 2

Initial Hand Sensations. 2

Gemstone Field Textures. 2

Usui Reiki Massage. 3

Electromagnetic Fields. 3

Energy Direction and Pendulums. 4

Chakras and Healing Animals. 5

Yoga and Yogis' Energetic Union. 5

Conclusions. 6

The Complexity of Energy Work. 6

Teaching Energy Work. 6

The Energetic Software Industry. 7

Letting It All In. 8

Other Research into 'Lewcid' Interfaces. 9

Energetic Gesture Recognition. 9

Alex Grey's Use of Space. 10

Utilizing Dream States. 10

The Animal Within. 11

An Early Vision of My Future Interface. 11

Referenced Topics and Texts. 13


Key Learnings in Energy Work


Initial Hand Sensations

My left hand trembled in mid-air while I watched the small cubic database twitch and pivot its spatial correlations in tune with each protracting tendon of my hand. Noting any interface tensions onto a note-pad with my right hand. I flicked my left hand to relax it a bit; it had been five days of calibrating simply the in-air gestural rotation controls for this experimental prototype and I was tired. Further flapping my hand to release the tendons from their tight fit, there was a strum to the different cords of each finger that fired in waves, at first the signals matched the sense of the tendons relaxing, but then a wave of sensation rippled through the muscle between skin and bone, the odd part is that in sequence the wave of sensation seemed to match more the distance from my leg than the shape of the hand, as if each finger was a floating fibrous microphone picking some subtly buzzing field distanced away from and around my body. This buzzing lasted for a few minutes, perfectly matching the curves and shapes around the body as my hand moved, then gradually faded with my held breath. This must be an important part of designing a good interface, and probably something valuable to learn about the body in there too, I thought deciding to investigate Energy Work.


Gemstone Field Textures

Months later, back in Seattle's SODO night cub district, my body still grooving with each pulsation of the nearby four-hour continuous beat-spinning session, I found a quiet spot that overlooked the downtown sunset and brought out a Leopard Skin Jasper marble strangely recommended to me by a friend who was known for making excellent use of time. I held it quizzically in one hand, and slowly pointed at each black onyx spot on its brown earthen rock surface with the other hand. Then my eyes expanded as I realized I could actually feel the edge of the cone of something that extended directly outwards from the small black dots around the sphere. What was that volumetric cone made of? Was it the boundary between two different field densities? Densities of what? And how had I felt them?! I had to know, and within a week was pushing my way into a private teaching session on crystals, surrounded by beautiful and open-minded nurses and massage therapists, who wanted to heal people; my purpose was to research reference shapes for fields in general, but the vibe was surprisingly pleasant. We learnt about the different textures of effect to be found from the major gems from Clear Quartz's clean sharp light, to Rose Quartz's fuzzy warm glow, or Tiger's Eye's rippling bands of nerve insulating comfort. The tactile differences in palpable energies, found after minimal breathing, relaxation and application techniques, were apparently only the beginning, the real point of the class was apparently to help people relax and regain circulation and feeling as a small part of a larger curriculum on massage and other physical therapies. Luckily I was a gesture-recognition based video-game developer, and thus technically a body-worker with anatomical knowledge enough to keep up with the conversation, especially when the lessons started involving using the crystals as a very subtle crow-bar to untangle tensions between muscles that couldn't be reached from the surface without a scalpel, but which were possible to sense, reach and release using crystal resonance, whatever that meant, with great efficacy.


Usui Reiki Massage

Ariel, a heart meltingly beautiful massage therapist and friend, was graciously explaining how she feels the direction and shape of the muscles under the skin, on my living room couch, when she dug her fingers into the deep tissue of my back and caused a surge of indignant refusal in me, before whispering 'Breath' as if it were my fault, and with the inhale came a rush of clean blood, and with the exhale my irrational urgency escaped. We gradually switched turns, overlooking the lake, and I began cupping the back of her head with fingers pointing down her body, in the traditional first Usui Reiki pose. A distinct sensation of a tingly warmth, somehow more ethereal than simple blood temperature, seemed to rush towards and then dissipate outwards from the curve where the top of her neck met the base of her head, her eyes closed and a light sigh escaped her lips. This simple moment was kept in its quiet stillness for a few minutes until the subtle rushing up the neck had slowly become but a trickle and then was gradually replaced with the far more local sensation of blood running smoothly. I worked through the other positions around her body, now more accustomed to sensing the circulation deep under my finger-tips.


Electromagnetic Fields

On the table to my left was 'The Classical Electromagnetic Field' and on the right was 'Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field' my mind begged to reconcile these two systems of spatial understanding. The illustrations and matching physical sensations were strikingly similar, the same shapes seen sharply curving as engineering lines into the magnetic poles of a bar magnet or as clouds of sensation sharpening into the chakra poles of the body, and even the same surprisingly large induction field and feeling of magnetic auras surrounding the circulating currents in both. It was as if the healers were becoming so sensitive to the signals in their own bodies that they could actually start feeling the subtle pulls of electro-magnetically induced circulation through their cells. Even the flowing direction of my hand prints looked to contain magnetic-field lines running along the conducting outside edge of my hand, always parallel or perpendicular to the edge, and then swirling together like the top of a solenoid into the finger prints. Healers often say that the energy flows first before growth, and perhaps what they meant is that the cells align and grow themselves towards the prevailing field direction as a means of natural organization, and if consistently oriented could even work together to amplify and correlate any induced external sensations that no single cell could detect on its own. The real key point that brought it all together for me was the use of pendulums to diagnose energy blockages, and how it so cleanly follows the magnetic 'right hand rule' described in CEF like so: Imagine an electrical current running along a straight wire, as the electricity moves it 'induces' a magnetic field in towards the wire, as if the moving electron potentials were pulling the space along behind it, which in relativistic terms they are. Now as the space-time is pulled in and along the wire, it doesn't all go directly in, but rather swirls in like a whirlpool (Sanskrit 'Chakra') or tornado of space-time 'water' finding in curvature the most efficient path towards center; the curvature of this magnetic whirlpool if it's direction were along your right thumb, would be the same direction as your right fingers wrapping inwards, hence 'the right hand rule'. It's importance to healers is described as such: much like how a leaf must draw in sustenance from its environment to survive, so must our bodies constantly be drawing in clean pranic potential energy through the nose and chakras, rather than storing, blocking or pushing away outside influence; hence the chakras when healthy or open generally flow clockwise inwards towards the body.


Energy Direction and Pendulums

Back to the living room with Ariel: As I passed by her ovaries near the top of her hips, I couldn't help but notice a distinct sensation of energy pushing out from them, her chin pulled up and mouth tightened at this, not from my touch, but rather from some distant memory that she seemed to be pushing back. She nodded her head and I picked up a silver stranded and quartz weighted pendulum from a near-by table, holding it vertically above her body, the closest connection between us being the gap between hips and weighted quartz. I held the strand as constant as I could, with each of us breathing our circulation into a running stream, the weight started to rotate around it's center as if bands of energy were flowing between us and the weight was slowly moved as if picking up the faint whirlpool of her energetic radiance, this time it spun anti-clockwise above her body; having practiced with magnetic engineering's 'right-hand-rule' we both curved our right hand fingers in the direction of the pendulums swing, and saw our right thumbs pointing outwards away from the body; she was blocking something, turning her own body outwards against its nature to vainly-fight some inner conflict. After multiple practices we could have done these measurements without the pendulum, simply by Reiki sensation of energy flow, but it was always good to check, and she slowly let go some deeper and still unadmitted (to me) longing. I gave the pendulum a moment to reset, and then saw it start spinning clock-wise in-towards her body as she seemed to draw in an acceptance about the world. We had kept records of the curvature for our major energetic centers, noting the pendulums orientation and curvature bias for each chakra, trying hard to relax and not bias the results through intentional energy flow, and noted how these chakras, often with multiple inner poles or 'petals' inverted were slowly unfolded from blocked walls into open flowers of curved energy reception over days and sometimes weeks (see 'Hands of Light'). It was like facing the stubborn closed-mined crossed-arm child within us, and slowly encouraging their arms to open wide.


Chakras and Healing Animals

Joan Ranquet, after swimming with sixty wild dolphin last week, had energetically connected with and was able to calm down a 7 foot gorilla angrily captive at a major zoo, allowing herself to tune into the level of sensitivity that this animal had for itself and its awareness of the space around it, she had sensed the painful field of misfiring nerves and vessels in his root chakra, his center of balance, as if searching for ground but finding only cage. She had looked him straight in the eyes, acknowledged the level of awareness that was all he probably understood, and he calmed largely just by being heard like a baby crying for re-affirmation and social connection. She was almost finished with her new book 'Energy Healing for Animals' and had decided to change the framing from the previous work 'Communication with All Life'. She explained that with great practice the 'intuitive' aspects of energy sensation become the acknowledgement of detail present in the physically energetic sounds of reality around us; but noted that learning to listen to your intuition, to truly hear what your body is saying, is a principal practice that takes years of concentrated effort. The most valuable sense of energy for her work, were the energy fields and centers for the primary animal organs and body sections, generally labeled by their main magnetic pole or chakra, which she explained appear similarly in people and most animals. Each major chakra relates to the key action of that body section: the pelvis' balancing root chakra, the tailbone's reproductive, fluid and lower-back chakra, the chest's solar-plexus and digestive chakra, the heart's center chest chakra, the clavicle's lung and voice chakra, the head's photo-electric sensory integrating third-eye chakra, and the crown of the head with its thousand-petal multi-poled magnetic field chakra, fountaining out of the central spinal fibers. At least that is what I pictured as she spoke about the practicalities of being an animal communicator.


Yoga and Yogis' Energetic Union

After three hours of continuous breath-guided exercise, where every inhale was pulled deep by the body straightening into alignment, and every exhale was used to further the length of our stretches, the Yoga instructor finally settled us into a seated lotus position, palms up, as we shared a long body, breath and mind unionizing 'Ooooohhhhhhmmmmm'' My mind's eye, in those fleeting thoughts before full relaxation, recalled the rich Indian sounds and colored textures of orange Earth and rainbow dewed air described so vividly in 'The Autobiography of a Yogi.' Paramhansa Yogananda, his name partially a reference to the great swan breath 'Ham-Sa' in which a beak of prana is inhaled around the nose and mouth with a silent 'Hum', and exhaled energetically like a white swan's fine feathers around the head with 'Sa'; wrote this classic work on the Yogi's efforts to achieve 'divine union' between all parts of the physical and energetic bodies. For thousands of years the Yogis, those who study energetic awareness, have collected and crafted motions, language and visualizations that aid in the process of self-awareness. He explained for example how the Sanskrit alphabet is derived from the vibratory patterns for each of the major magnetic-petals of the chakras, so that terms in that language when spoken perfectly resonate precisely throughout the key locations and directions of the body, each syllable being a mantra for health. Mentioned constantly in his book, the techniques of Kriya Yoga, which I had recently learnt through initiation, included means by which to connect ones sense of hearing, sight, etc. to each chakra, literally hearing the watery rippling of reality at each of the key frequencies, and even learning how to breathe through the inner nerve bundle within the spine, creating a holistic sense of self that achieved through massive energetic force a clarity of the present beyond literary description. Shifting my focus down from the ringed energy center above my head, I opened my eyes to the large windows, wooden floors, and huge view onto the old forestry trees of the company campus.




The Complexity of Energy Work

Waiting for my next meeting, while the square metal office walls were warping my biological fields into orthogonal uniformity, the overwhelmingly huge technical, social and design challenges of bringing energy work into mainstream productization were starting to dawn on me; but I saw in them only opportunity for software to deliver what sacred paintings and mandalas couldn't. The list of primary issues to resolve was reducing in my mind to a single key point: that energetic anatomy is complicated; with its whirling vortices, circulating currents, dependence on breath, deep emotional connections, requirements on self-awareness, extremely low and high frequency operation, sensitive environmental awareness, simultaneously volitionally and biologically controlled, that guided visualization is in fact the only way to communicate with the body which generated these fields, and that so many varied visualizations have been used through history that the whole industry is in a mess of confused metaphors and intentionally blocked awareness! Surely this is great soil for some good visualization tech to show these connections in a way that previously was only expressible through personified metaphors for contemplating the infinite, yes? My pen tapped impatiently on my notebook as the walls stood their un-curving-ly square ground.


Teaching Energy Work

A turning point in my profession occurred at a music festival, when I volunteered to teach and provide an introductory session on Reiki to anyone who wanted one, under a huge green tent reserved for body and energy workers. The girl who first walked up to take my offer was stunningly beautiful, with determined and accurate eyes that anchored her Italian accent. I explained my rules about no touching, and that what we would learn was a method for the sensation of the energy fields around the body, starting with the hands. Using techniques from 'Your Hands Can Heal: Learn to Channel Healing Energy', Reiki and traditional Chi-Gong, I had her breath deeply twice, expanding her lung floor each time, and then twice again but tensing her stomach on the inhale for a breath known as a 'reverse Taoist' to re-orient and partially clear the circulation in her body. Next I illustrated how the electrical charge runs along the outside edge of the hand, creating a magnetic field which I slowly traced at about 2 inches from the outside of her open palm and fingers, a clearing technique that enhances sensation and creates the distinct feeling or pressure of magnets at a distance, followed by explaining how she could point her own fingers in towards each other, bringing the finger-tips ever slightly in and out, and learn to feel the tiny shifts in blood flow as the induced magnetic fields subtly pushed against each other and recharged after the midpoint of each exhale. After a few minutes, and especially thanks to her having practiced energy sensitivity before, she was able to create a sustained charge or 'energy ball' between her capacitive hands, and feel it slowly absorb into her chakras as her hands approached them. To begin with the charging and absorbing was a great practice, but to maintain a steady generation of charge, as fast as than her body could absorb it, required significant practice, and the utilization of key visualizations by which the body could organize and channel the energy more readily. I explained the vital mechanisms of visualizing specific textures of energy, which I had first learnt around crystals, but which existed for the body as well, namely as a lush grassy green grounding sensation of Earth from below, a sharp bright white rejuvenating Sunlight from above, or the fuzzy pink gravitational candy-floss texture called Love from within. The impact of adding these basis textures to her energy sensation was beautiful to see, as she was able to suddenly interpret her own emotional landscape, and see clearly beyond the passing irritations, the deep love she held for her boyfriend, who sat supportively across the room, and into whose arms she ran after thanking me deeply. My life was changed, to 'heal' by providing people with the understanding and tools to access the potential and awareness within the energetic field language of their own bodies; especially if it involved helping nice people become nicer; was a life were the mental and physical dimensions of myself could exist as a unified whole, I quietly tidied up the simple cushions and blankets, and waited for the next volunteer.


The Energetic Software Industry

'You're brave for even talking about this,' he said tapping a printed draft of my energy visualization project, 'You know this is the software industry right? Look at the life draining walls of this tiny window-less interior office we have to meet in because most people around here would say we're nuts for even thinking we could be aware of our bodies, never mind sense subtle magnetic fields with them! Don't you see that most of the coders around here got that way by avoiding their own bodies and escaping into the computer, while most of the management types use their 'presence' and 'influence' to bully each other into a corporate ladder of energetic arm wrestling under the pretense of 'gut feel' while actually longing to control or be slave to basically anything just because that's the only form of safety they know? Look, you've taken on energy work like it's one of their research and productization initiatives, figuring out the background, adjusting the interface until it's comfortable, and shipping it, it's what you've been groomed to do [to which I smiled]. But haven't you heard that this industry is one of those trying to suppress self-access and awareness through millions of unexplored sensations and an almost intentional lack of holistic integration?' I looked him gently in the eyes, and replied as he played with the quartz spheres I had provided to him, tracing the exact curvature in the magnetic fields two inches out from his hand. 'Firstly thank you for even considering helping me model these energies. Rather than looking in the past, perhaps it is now the appropriate time, when the technology has the ability to visually express the complex swirling electro-magnetic air-currents around the body, and our devices use multiple super high frequency transmitters and sensors anyway, that we can utilize the concepts of energy work to ergonomically streamline our interfaces all the way down to the fields they induce in our bodies, and even push those fields back as a control mechanism. You and I know that in a couple of years it's likely you won't be able to use the new generation of smart phones unless you know Reiki, it's the natural sequence of things to allow users to focus their energy as a means of interaction which they do anyway now but only by chance. Energy work will replace the mouse. Much like how some people worry about artificial intelligence running amuck, because they themselves lack the simple insight that what is best for any organism is rarely to ingest and grow uncontrollably, but rather it's better to spirally reflect upon oneself and seek a harmonious relationship with the space around us; so the computers should be seeking a harmonious flow with the user, as we should with them, until all our bodies cells, and the collective strength of their running currents are our logical means of trade. The great thing about chakra body language is that it's in a spectrum that is easily detectable, plus it's extremely representative of emotion and intent, it's the perfect communications tool, even more so than the fingertip. What's missing for computers to 'get it' is the same thing people are missing: a spatial-temporal model of these strange watery magnetic shapes that makes integrative sense of the confusing sensations both we and computers currently just call magnetic noise, it's the symbol that makes one forest from many trees. So, are you in?'


Letting It All In

On a train down to Portland, I met a Hare-Krishna scholar, he listened to my story of energy work as learnt by a technologist, from accident, to gems, Reiki, chakras, magnetics, journeying, healing, psychics, yoga and ultimately calm self-awareness; laughing as it reminded and re-affirmed him of his own learnings in the quest for knowledge and energetic awareness; he even described to me how their chanting was actually a mantra used to cleanse one's sense of sound and better separate it from the less subtle matter and more subtle energies around them, and agreed that it would make a better interface than the mouse. We parted as I went off to hear a talk from Tamarians, one of the largest and oldest independent peace research communities in the world, about their water retention and social forum plans for cleansing pollution and politics via open emotional and energetic communication. Walking down the tree laden streets afterwards, considering the different yet beautiful route I had now taken with my life, I held my hands palm forward from my sides, feeling the energy circulate around their outside edge and charge the evening air around me, felt the trees slowly pulling water up their trunks, and the happy hearts of people on the street letting the world in around them. I had opened my senses to an awareness of the space around me, and found myself.

In a wooden kitchen, on a grey West Seattle Sunday afternoon, Amber was gently Thai rolling my legs into relaxation, as she turned to me, 'So what have you learnt about energy work?'



Other Research into 'Lewcid' Interfaces


Energetic Gesture Recognition

My right hand reached out towards the small space-craft, a faint glow appeared around it, then bringing my left hand forward I felt my pectoral muscles give a slight twitch and the vehicle budged a few times before gracefully lifting into the air. The gesture recognition systems for Kinect Star Wars had taken me over four years to create, slowly transforming body positions, into kinesthetic quanta, into video game controls, into an experience where inner muscle sensations were manifest as a cosmic echo onto the screen. Sculpture and acting books had filled my shelves and prototypes as I re-engineered game animation practices into kinesthetic augmentation systems. In those arts communication was achieved by visually anticipating, stretching and focusing body posture; which I sought to interactively interpret from the user, and morphologically extend into a sculptural adventure. Constantly I searched for the reduced gestural signatures which best encoded the kinesthetic experience of the user, and could augmented-ly re-affirm their effort back to them as if it were the result of years of concentrating time-space into the Force of each and every extension. Energy work, the use of kinetic and potential fields applied over a distance as sensed and created by the body, was my next generation solution to understanding the body and its surroundings beyond merely its visual outer shell. Many more years would be required until something akin to auric motion could directly control one of my virtual scenes, the muscular approximation of such being sufficient victory for now. My hands slowly lowered the space-craft back onto the swampy Jedi training grounds of Kashyyyk, as I returned to my living room.


Alex Grey's Use of Space

Slipping the HoloLens prototype onto my head, and looking through the lenses, white lined triangles hovered as sketched spatial approximations of the office walls around me. Visual sensory augmentation was now a practical reality of the moment, as the negative and positive spaces around my desk were slashed into separation by a polygonal sheet, that only I could see. This medium of holographic communication, other than being my profession, begged me to ask what could only be expressed in lit space that perhaps clay figures had only ever aspired to evoke? Years ago I had been to an Alex Grey concert played while he calmly painted on stage the curving auric presence of a farmer touching his land; there was a use of personal and environmental space that made of one the many disparate parts of the composition, there was no truly empty space as each point spoke of its relation to the whole; just what a space filling holo-gram should be. My journey to create a moving holographic visualization of the chakra systems, with all its complexity of curving time-space, and magnetic consequence of breath circulation required an even deeper understanding of the connection between sensation and visualization than I currently had, and that Mr. Grey had demonstrated so accurately in his work; it was time to learn to look within and use biology's raw relativistic lens to 'see' spatial energetics.


Utilizing Dream States

The drum circle, twenty people wide on the desert river bed, under woven shade from the Burning Man festival's baking sun, began with an explanation that we were going to hear a beat that synchronized with some critical thought frequency in our brain's circuitry, allowing a sort of sonic sensory relaxation, and a different level of conversation between our minds memories and our senses present. These 'Delta' brain wave frequencies found commonly in sleep, dreaming and meditation, could be used to find an expression of one's inner voice known as one's spirit guide. As the drums began in full, the speakers voice gently guided our visualizations through key steps, asking us to find a safe space in our memories, feeling all the sensory details from touch to sights and even small sounds of this space we knew and loved so much, to then picture an animal walking towards us; I gave my senses permission to flood me with their memories, feeling the quilted patchwork blanket I used to touch and cover myself with as a child, seeing our grey dust covered bush cat returning home, feeling her paws and tongue cat-healing me, her support my mental association for brain-wave guidance. She didn't talk in words, but rather sat in my memory, until slipping away and was replaced by a whirlwind of sand and confusion akin to my own loss of South Africa when my family left as a child, and from whence a great swirl of sand and lion threw itself at me. We wrestled and tossed each other until catching my feet I could see directly into it's eyes, and understood that I must use an adult system of personal metaphor now, beyond the child-like kitten, a spirit guide of personal pride and confidence that is earned with the years, like a powerful old lion, that sees far greater beauty and meaning in life than a child ever could, yet keeps a youthful yearning to seek it. As a Buddhist temple keeper once told me, the symbols are only a means by which to contemplate and mentally connect with an abstract or infinite. Returning to normal reality, the depth of personal understanding and implication to my own life had me weeping tears into the ancient lake bed of the festival grounds.


The Animal Within

John Skyrman, after a life-time of being a professional psychic and clothing designer, was holding the twenty personal circle of people in a warm comforting energy, as he relaxed us into a meditative trip into the Akashic Records, an inner connection to the personal echoes of time etched into our very beings. For me the Akashic Records appeared, after a long mentally projected walk up clear white stairs from our safe space, to be nothing more than a small floating crystal. From the crystal a strange 5D whirl of space mouthed opened to show a large door, from inside of which came what looked like the head of a plasma ball but with no glass around it, that gave me an inquisitive look, and then let me in to float in an endless light blue space. Within the space were floating memory-space cubes, arranged in strands of time yet apparently grouped by location and subject matter, certainly the way my mind pictured the internals of software, now a means by which to visually contemplate my own life and patterns as they were grouped and strung together by time. I zoomed into moments of my childhood footsteps on the hard muddy earth of South Africa, rain and thunder roaring across the metal streaked mining mountains. Then skimmed to a time in high-school, cast-net fishing with the salty Florida water in my mouth, before zooming out, enjoying the concept of seeing any part of my memories and their relation to time by means of visualized exploration. By John's suggestion, I looked at some of the earlier lives in my record, I tried one far back: at first all I saw was darkness, but my head wanted to look up where I saw a light above me, I was drawn up towards it, suddenly flashes and then reaching again, flashes reaching, flashes reaching, until the flash lasted longer and I saw my arms reach out and fold down as leaves peeling away from the stem, and felt a flower expanding from within my heart and then head as I felt myself condense into a few cells within the flower and shoot out as a single tiny seed, land and strive towards the light again, diving a few more times through this cycle before seeing a single sunset from a crag overlooking the ocean, and that 'book' ended. Another book contained nothing but water rushing past and a fish-like twisting spine and open-mouthed sense of struggle against the tide.


An Early Vision of My Future Interface

Back in the Akashic records, zooming back to my present life, I looked forward into the inner vision of my own future; the me of then held a spinning circle of white lights floating above his hand. The lights then spun into the different meridian lines and circulations arounds my body, the streaming particles representing the physical and energetic cycles and flows of the body, then zoomed out to represent the daily spatial rhythms of home work, and adventuring as streaks of motion and stillness on an extruded temporal map of my life. This 4d cycle of daily life, then started to blur and shift into 5d alternate paths and routes, as if visually representing breaking old habits by slowly changing the clogged cycles I found within myself; I could see in first-person the streaks of where I had and would go, and watched these streaks shift as I felt my self-volition take action bending their 4d shape, yet ultimately finding the greatest ease by simply letting in the space around me, dropping the cycles of stubborn self-illusion, and feeling the cycles of nature and seasons become the beat of my existence. Not only was the interface beautifully holistic in shape, but it was also controlled by its inherently being content about the body, every twitch being an echo and hook to cause change in the use of that muscle across time. Beyond mere volumetric scrolling, this was the ultimate interface, the reflection of what my mind had understood and combined over years of studying interactivity. Thanking the record keeper, we slowly 'came down the staircase' returning to the actual present time.



Referenced Topics and Texts

As energetics is a complex and personal topic, I recommend you read these for the goal of finding value for your own life and treat the strange or silly bits as a means to the larger end of self-awareness. References are an approximation of the order in which I encountered these topic as described above.


Interactive references web-page: http://www.lewcid.com/lg/articles/leweys_energy_work_references.html


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