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CheapSite - seriously cheap web design

CheapSite is a very rough web design tool, that borders on not being one at all. Basically, it builds your site using a given template and a bunch of page info (all given in a modified XML format). This lets you keep a large number of pages all looking basicaly the same, and with almost no effort (each page only requires writing a few lines of XML). I use it to manage this site, which is the only reason I post it here, so that I can get it from elsewhere. And despite it's many short-comings, it has saved me so much time it's scary and has allowed me to let this site grow fiarly rapidly with very little work on my part. ReadMe and example site included with binary in the zip.

Now also available is the Mac OS X build of CheapSite (using gcc 3.1). Sorry I'm new to OS X so you have to run the app from the command line, I can't seem to figure out how to get it so that you can just double click it.


Platform: Windows and Mac OS X