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Kinect Articles and Videos

Articles related to my experience working on the Kinect for Xbox 360.

  • Kinect Gesture Development Videos
  • Kinect Augmentation Principals and Practices
  • Gamefest 2011 Talk

  • Kinect Gesture Development Videos... (circa 2009)

    Numerous prototyping videos created while developing Kinect titles.

    Kinect Augmentation Principals and Practices... (circa 2011)

    Best practices document, based on a lot of research into animation and interactions.

    Gamefest 2011 Talk: Kinect Augmented Camera, Animation and Controls

    A talk I gave at the 2011 Microsoft Gamefest technology conference.

    Muscle Estimation and Exertion-Based Gameplay
    for Side Step, Walk-to-Run and Swimming Kinect Controls (circa 2010)

    "It FEELS right!" The goal of this project was two fold: firstly to infer and visualize the muscle signals around the players body (using inverse kinematics from the point locations), and secondly to use that information to proportionally match the players kinesthetic perception of their own movement to an exaggerated in-game avatar movement. This resulted in Kinect controls that literally felt proportional to your own movements.
    Co-developed with Rahul Agarwal during his internship with me.