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Lewcid Classic Win32 Apps

A collection of 16 classic Lewcid applications for the Windows platform (and an extra 4 for Tablet/Ink enabled devices). These have been tested on Windows 10, but also worked as far back as Windows XP and 98. Enjoy!
-Lewey Geselowitz



Platform: Windows XP/10
Size: ~2 MB for all 20 apps
Usage: Extract Zip, and "Run Anyway"

Shuzzle game3D Shadow Puzzle Piece game
Freed Go game3D game of Go (mobius strip)
Freed Invasion game3D color matching game
Evil Dice gameTimed puzzle strategy game
Thinking Game 2 (TG2) gameConnect-4 in 3D
Towers of Hanoi gameClassic logic puzzle
VSaber game/utilityCarve and draw in 3D voxels
ImpView game/utilityVoxelize and carve 3d equations
Grapher utility2D/3D expression graphing
Alarm Clock utilityT-rex reminds you to wake up
Crystal Math utilityScientific calculator, with calculus
Teach utilityLearn to program linked lists and binary-trees
WirEd and ModEd utilityEdit 3D wireframe and models
Low Ink Pictionary ink/gameDraw hints for friends, ink runs out
Ink AniEd ink/utilityAnimate your drawings
Lazy Ink ink/utilityInk drawings that hang loose
Magic Ink ink/utilityDraw ink as Magic-Eye 3D