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Crystal Math
Version 0.5.7

Crystal Math is a powerful math app, that is still in the process of being developed. Not to say that it doesn't already contain many really cool features such as is. Basically you can use it for most simple math problems where it's nicer to write an equation than type out individual commands (so you type "4*(3+5)" instead of using the standard calculator and typeing [3] [+] [5] [*] [4]), plus if your using the Win32 interface you can click work it exactly like a normal calculator or like a symbolic one. It also comes in two formats, a Win32 dialog based program (which I use a lot) and a standard C++ console app, so it could be compiled for any 32 bit platform (I've included the Windows console version). For more information check out the guide. Also note that Crystal Math is the big brother of Grapher, which is no longer being developed, but contains many of the features that Crystal Math will eventually hold (although Crystal Math's versions will be more powerful when the times comes)


Platform: Windows/Linux
Note: Includes the source code


Platform: Windows/Linux

Screen Shot - Win32 Edition
Screen Shot - Win32 Console
Screen Shot - Console Edition - Windows
Screen Shot - Console Edition - Linux
Guide to Crystal Math

Developer's Guide to Crystal Math

Developer To Do List

Developers Involved:
Lewey Geselowitz - Creator, and main programmer
David Edelstein - Numerous improvements regarding the scripting engine

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