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3D Stuff

These are a few utilities I use to work with my own 3D files. They are mainly used to allow me to view and edit simple 3D models for other programs I am working on (like my real-time SIRD renderer). Anyway, I'm putting them here mainly for people who work with me, but also if your really interested in the 3D, you might find them interesting. One of the cool features is the ability to render models based on a VERY simple text file format that you easily write yourself or in own program. Anyway here are the two main programs I use, and a bunch of examples.

Screen Shot - WireEd
Screen Shot - ModEd
Screen Shot - My First 3D model ever.

WireEd is the model editor. It only renders in wire frame mode, but it's still pretty powerful. I wrote the engine from start to finish, math routines and all.

ModEd a model viewer that uses the same model types as WireEd (it however cannot currently be used as an editor). It does rendering in OpenGL though which makes it very easy on the eyes. A great extra tool to go with WireEd.


Platform: Windows
Note: WireEd and ModEd


Note: Small Collection of Models