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Magic Ink - Ink Based SIRDS Editor for the TabletPC

Magic Ink is a SIRDS editor that uses the familiar Microsoft Ink interface. This means you can draw lines in SIRDS as easily as you would draw normal Ink in say Windows Journal. Also, if your using a TabletPC you can adjust the height of each part of the line your drawing by adjusting how hard you press down with the pen. This makes it very easy and fun to draw beutiful 3D objects with just a few pen strokes, and also goes to show just how cool TabletPCs are. NOTE: Full source code is included in the zip, to compile requires Visual Studio .Net 2002 and the TabletPC SDK.

Magic Ink has been featured at Tablet PC Buzz.com and Tablet PC Developer.com

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Platform: Windows
Requires: .Net Framework, Ink libaries (if you can
view Windows Journal files, you should be able to use MagicInk)
Note: Includes the binary and full source code.
Some features only avialable on the TabletPC