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Java Based Real-Time SIRDS

jAbSIRD lets you create SIRDS (similar to 'Magic-Eye' books and posters) right in your web browser using Java applets. To demonstate this I have written two short little applets to show the process in action. My main hope however is that people will get excited at the idea of putting interactive SIRDS on their webpages and develop their own games and tools. For that reason I'm also posting the source code


AbSIRDlet lets you 'draw height' and automatically makes your drawing into SIRDS images as you go. Just imagine Paint, but in 3D! Note that the image to the left is an optional view which lets you see the shape you are drawing in shades of grey instead of as a SIRDS.


This is a simple one player version of Pong to show that you can actually play games in SIRDS. Each time you hit the ball it slightly increased it's speed so that after a while it becomes quite a challenge.


Why is it moving, it looks like static? When you have animated SIRDS or have anything changing in each frame you have to use a different background image each frame or very strange patterns start appearing all over the screen and your eyes cannot focus correctly. This is just one of those things you are going to have to take my word on (or modify the source code to see for yourself)

Why is it running slowly on my computer? Because your computer isn't good enough! Well probably not, you see these applets are using Java which wasn't really meant to do low-level graphics algorithums. What I recomend is you try one of my C++ or C# based SIRDS systems (C# allows you to do pointer arithmetic and other such things which are a real performance boost). To do SIRDS drawing try either PDAbSIRD for Pocket PC, Magic Ink for Tablet PC. To try out SIRDS games check out my Quake 2 AbSIRD mod, or even this fairly old Pong game using SIRDS but written in C (so it will run faster).

Another useless FAQ? If you have more questions, comments or thoughts feel free to email them to lewey@lewcid.com.


This is the builds and source code for both AbSIRDlet and SPonglet. Please note that ZDraw.java is shared between the two applets. Also keep in mind that this source code was a quick proof-of-concept hack so don't consider it for lessons on how to write good code. I only put it here to help others in writing their own SIRDS implimentations.

If you have any trouble, questions or comments please feel free to email me at lewey@lewcid.com. Also if you use this code to write your own project I would love to hear about it.


Platform: Java Applet
Note: Includes source code