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Other Stuff

This is a small collection of stuff that really doesn't fit into the other categories on my site. Mostly it's stuff that isn't a software program I've work on, it's one of the other things (though little they may be).


An amazing device you attach to your arm while using your Tablet PC in laptop mode. With a flick of your wrist your tablet's pen shoots into your hands from it's place on your arm, and you go from typing on your keyboard to writing on the screen (in under a second with no effort at all). The pen then folds back away with another flick of your wrist and your back to typing!

Note: This is just one of my crazy ideas, it doesn't actually exist.

Easy JS

Need to code a quick algorithm to find a number? Don't feel like firing up your massive IDE just to write 3 lines of code? Why not used your browser's built in JavaScript interpreter! Easy JS is simply a web page where you enter JavaScript code, then hit a button and it's made into another page and executed. It also includes a fiarly powerful equation evaluator (JavaScript based) and will run from any web browser.

Lazy Ink

Imagine you have stuck up one of those letters people put on their houses and only put in the last screw; as you let go of the letter it will swing back and forth on that screw and then finally stop once it has run out of energy. This is exactly what Lazy Ink does, only with any 'ink' you draw. Really this is just a silly little graphics idea I couldn't resist implimenting.