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Quick Links

Google - my replacement for a having to work for knowledge

OpenGL Man Pages

MSDN: Windows API

SDL documentation

Yahoo! Mail

Tablet PC Links

Tablet PC Post - THE source for Tablet PC software

Tablet PC Buzz

Tabula PC - Peter's Blog

Incremental Blogger - Loren's Blog

Tablet PC Developer - Now at GotDotNet

Important Links

La Mancha Apartments

Dr. Jorg Peters

Avalons current homepage

The Tao of Programming

SDL - Simple Direct MediaLayer

The Code Project

Getting SDL to work in MS VC++ 6.0 - because I always forget about the DLL thingy

Gareth and Peter's SIRDS pages - best collection of SIRD related sites

The University of Florida


NONAGS - Great place to pick up Win32 freeware

The Terrible Cosmic Death - MK12's masterpiece, this is the small QuickTime Movie of it.

Penny Arcade