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LIS: Original Lewcid Interaction System

This is a set of common code which I've used in a few of my 3d games and applications. I figured it was about time I stopped rewriting every thing each time I wrote a new program and started my own sort of graphics libary. You will find programs written using Lewcid below.

The 'Lewcid Interaction System' as I call it (because it is unworthy of the name 'graphics engine') is designed so that I can easily prototype different ideas in 3d interaction. To this end it manages most of the object composition, animation, hit testing, garbage collection, and the like so that I can focus on the important part, the app itself. Also it is based on OpenGL for it's amazing flexibility and portability (but mostly because I just love the OpenGL API). While focused on flexibility rather than performance, it has been designed so that it runs at a pretty decent speed. Below are a few examples of applications which use Lewcid.

Shuzzle - The Shadow Puzzle

A 3D block building puzzle where you cannot see the blocks but only their shadows. This means you'll have to keep a strong mental understanding of the blocks and how they fit together. A great brain buster. Also it's one of the few games that has stencil shadows for a reason than just looking cool.

Freed Go

Lets you play the game of Go on many different boards including a Sphere, a Torus, a Mobius Strip or on numerous flat fields but with 3, 5 or 6 neighbors. This is a very fun and interesting twist to the standard game of Go and should keep you entertained for a long time.

Freed Invasion

Extends the classic puzzle game 'Color Invasion' into the world of 3d with all the interesting boards found in Freed Go. Essentially it's a fun puzzle game which draws you in and soon has you hooked.