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The Freed Series

The Freed Series is a collection of games with the common theme of taking a normal 2d game and seeing how it expands into the 3D realm, that is to say you have 'freed' them from their 2 dimensional confinement. You can think of most board games being playing on a standard flat 'board', well what if you took that board and twisted and contored it, into a sphere or a mobius strip? How does this affect game play? Really what it comes down to a fresh twist to some classic games, breathing a rush of new excitement into you the player. Enjoy.

Shuzzle - The Shadow Puzzle

A 3D block building puzzle where you cannot see the blocks but only their shadows. This means you'll have to keep a strong mental understanding of the blocks and how they fit together. A great brain buster.

It is part of the Freed Series because it has been freed of the traditional need for visability in block puzzles.

Freed Go

Lets you play the game of Go on many different boards including a Sphere, a Torus, a Mobius Strip or on numerous flat fields but with 3, 5 or 6 neighbors. This is a very fun and interesting twist to the standard game of Go and should keep you entertained for a long time.

Freed Invasion

Extends the classic puzzle game 'Color Invasion' into the world of 3d with all the interesting boards found in Freed Go. Essentially it's a fun puzzle game which draws you in and soon has you hooked.