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Quick Capture

Quite often I found myself to be taking screen captures (from Journal, or one of my apps or whatnot), copying them to Paint, cropping out the part I wanted and then either pasting that part to a document or saving it to a file. This process is tedious and irritating. So I wrote this quick little app to make the whole process much easier. This is how I use it:

Most of the time I draw something up in Journal (but you could use almost any Windows app), and then hit Print-Screen (PrtSc on the keyboard), this copies the window to the clip board. Then run QuickCapture and whatever is in the clipboard will automatically be loaded and displayed. At this point you can optionally draw a rectangle around the part that you're interested in (simply click on one corner and drag to another). Then either hit the 'Copy' button to copy this image into the clip-board, or the 'Save' button to save it to file. And thats about it. Enjoy.

Some of the more advanced features: One of my favorites is if your creating a collection of images (say a series of screen shots), if you hit the 'Save' button and the file save slot is empty it will ask you where to save the file to, if it's not empty it will save it to the file specified. By hitting the 'Next' button, a quick little algorithum will search for the last number present in the file name you gave, and incriment it by 1. So if the last file you saved to was 'MyPicture08.bmp' it will change it to 'MyPicture09.bmp' and so forth. Really handy! Also note that it will save to either bmp or jpeg depending on the extension of the file name you ask it to save it as. Also whenever you save or copy, it will use whatever rectangle you last drew, or the whole picture if no rectangle was selected. Oh and lastly the 'Refresh' button loads whatever is currently in the clip-board into QuickConvert, this way you can leave it open while you take screen-shots and quick jump back to it, hit Refresh and then do what ever you do with it.

The source code for this app is also made available here as someone asked to see it.


Platform: .Net Framework on Windows
Usage: Download and run!


Platform: Visual Studio .Net
Note: The source code for QuickCapture.
Written in C#

Select Windows and hit Alt-PrtSc

Run QuickConvert.
Draw Rectangle Around Good Part

Hit 'Save' or 'Copy'!