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The owner of this site holds no responsibility for anything that may happen to your computer due to using anything found on this site.

Most of the files posted here are programs I have made over the last couple years, most are Win32 applications which will probably run on anything from 95 to XP (but with Win2000 you never can tell what will run). If you have problems running any of these, I won�t be held responsible, but I will be interested (similar to the feeling one gets when looking back on a car crash you caused but weren�t actually caught in). Some are console applications which are merely compiled for Win32; if you would like the source code for any programs here I will most probably give it to you (so you can compile it for Mac or Linux or god knows what else with a C++ compiler). These files aren�t kept up very well and are probably very out of sync with my latest editions of the them, if you are really interested in something or other, drop me a line at (which considering the name of this site is not surprising).

Also posted are a few SIRD (Single Image Random Dot or �Magic-eye�) movies I made using my own SIRD utility and which Ethan Geil was kind enough to make into movies. Soon I'll be adding a real-time SIRD renderer, but it's a still got some major problems. Also I think there is a JavaScript program, but I�m not sure. Some other stuff, and a file right at the bottom of the list which is encrypted and only meant for one person, so don�t bother with it.