WorpEd is a 3D model editor. It is primarily designed for editing curved surfaces and such, but can also be used for more fundamental types (such as triangles and quads). While it is VERY much in it's early stages of production, it will eventual take advantage of a specialized control point system with multiple types that will work together to allow for many complex operations to be easily performed. This will allow it to perform operations such as animation, simple model editing, and almost any other type of editing purely by using the control points in certain ways. Right now it can merely create a couple different object, and allow for their control points to bind together (it uses control points with can be used to move entire objects). It can currenctly create and work with 2nd to 4th order Bezier surfaces (with or without height maps) and triangles. USAGE: Select "Help : Keys..." to see the current control system.

Screen Shots:

Same model, with height map (actual WorpEd screen shot)
Same model, without height map (actual WorpEd screenshot)
Face - 3 3rd Order Bezier surfaces with a height map of cosine. (rendered using ModEd)
Same as above but without height map (rendered using ModEd)

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