SIRD Movies (Single Image Random Dot)

The following are SIRD movies (also knows as "Magic Eye" movies). I created the individual frames using VirtualVolume, my own SIRD utility. Ethan Geil (of Caltech) was then gracious enough to compile them into QuickTime .MOV files (movies). To "see" them, open the file with QuickTime, then try to get the 3D affect on the opening frame. Once you've got it, then press the play button to see the animation. If you are wondering why these files are so large and yet are very short, let me just say that resolution is critical to a good SIRD. I recomend right-clicking on the link (or holding down control for Mac users) and selecting "Save to disk" and then watching the movie off your computer, this will mean you'll have more control over QuickTime. If you don't have Quicktime, you can get it here! NOTE: Many of these files are very short, I recomend you select "Loop" from the "Movie" menu of QuickTime, the movies will be designed to smoothly loop from end to begining.

Name Size Description 944 KB My first animated SIRD, of a ripple coming inwards
(cos(sqrt(x*x + y*y) + t*Pi) for t from 0 to 2)